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Institute of flexible electronic technology of Tsinghua, Zhejiang is a new type of high-end scientific research institution which is the highland for scientific research and transformation of flexible electronic technology.The institute is jointly established by the Zhejiang Provincial Government and Tsinghua University, and it is the technological source of the flexible electronics industry. On December 23, 2016, the Zhejiang Provincial Government and Tsinghua University signed  Zhejiang Provincial Government&Tsinghua University's framework agreement on advancing cooperation in the field of flexible electronic technology in the Great Hall of the People in Zhejiang Province. The industrialization platform promotes the development of the flexible electronics industry with the idea of a hospital, a park and a fund.
The research results of Tsinghua University's flexible electronics technology have covered flexible displays, flexible power supplies, flexible electronic devices, and flexible materials, and have achieved world-leading research results. Based on this, provincial and university schools set up a flexible electronic technology research institute, related universities and scientific research institutes in our country, and continuously exported advanced technologies in the flexible electronics industry. The Institute established eight professional disciplines and application directions at the beginning of the establishment of the institute. At the same time, it established a flexible electronic global R&D center and a technical engineering test center, supporting each other with industrial parks and industrial funds, and constructing an ecologically flexible industrial chain. The goal is to create a National and world-class research institutes.
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  • In order to forge interactions among active researchers in the area of flexible electronics, the Center for Flexible Electronics Technology of Tsinghua University and the Zhejiang-Tsinghua Institute of Flexible Electronics Technology are organizing a two-day International Conference on Flexible Electronics on July 16-17, 2018 in Hangzhou, China.
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  • 2018-05-03
    Recently the Jiaxing Intermediate People’s Court and the Institute jointly host a sharing session themed on Advocate Innovation Culture Respect Intellectual Property Right. Entrepreneur teams and incubating enterprises of the Institute participated in the session.
  • 2018-04-20
    Intellectual Property ISO Standard Implementing And Staff Training Conference were held in 19th,April to boost the Institute’s intellectual progress and guarantee our research achievements legally protected.