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Recently, by the Jiaxing Science and Technology Association, the Institute has been approved as a "Jiaxing Science Education Base".

The science popularization work of the Institute is mainly oriented towards the field of flexible electronics technology. As one of the world's top ten frontier technologies, flexible electronics is the foundation and frontier of new interdisciplinary disciplines in the field of information, and is one of the important directions to explore the development of microelectronics along the "post-Moore's Law". Since its establishment in 2017, the Institute has been carrying out a series of scientific and educational work on flexible electronics with cutting-edge technological achievements and high-quality cultural construction. The Institute has launched a series of science education activities for different groups of people, such as "science study", "science summer camp" and "science parent-child tour", which have been widely recognized and praised by the community.

Science education points have been set up in many places in the Institute, such as the Science Exhibition Hall, the Science Laboratory, the Science Theatre, the Science Sound Gallery and the Science Bookstore, providing visitors, especially primary and secondary school students, with the opportunity to experience new technologies and observe the working environment of scientific research at close range, and stimulating the scientific interests of young people.

As one of the important science education points of the base, the Science and Technology Exhibition Hall has been carefully designed to optimize the display of cutting-edge technology products, and to provide visitors with an in-depth understanding of the development of flexible electronics technology and its applications.

In addition to the science education site, the Institute has set up a science education team to create, explain, disseminate and manage science education, to strengthen the foundation of science education, to deepen the connotation and extension of science education, and to carry out science education from offline to online.

We will continue to expand the influence of the science education base by popularising the knowledge of flexible electronics technology in a three-dimensional manner.