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Big happy news!

Officially selected as the fifth batch ofZhejiang

Demonstration Base for MassEntrepreneurship and Innovation

Another important platform at the provinciallevel!

Become the only research institute in theprovince to be awarded the dual innovation demonstration base in 2021

List of Provincial Dual InnovationDemonstration Bases for 2021

Since its establishment, the Institutehas been gathering development momentum with original innovation, promotinghigh-quality development with precise entrepreneurship, continuously building aspecialized, full-chain innovation and entrepreneurship service system,continuously enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities, strivingto create a strong innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere, and providingsupport for scientific and technological personnel to join the cause ofinnovation and entrepreneurship.

Through the development of the past fouryears, the Zoological Institute has continued to innovate its politics.According to the overall goal of three years of scientific research to build ahighland, five years of industrial scale, ten years of comprehensivedevelopment, the Institute will make every effort to build a flexibleelectronics R & D and manufacturing and industrial agglomeration withinternational influence, and become a model project in Zhejiang Province

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