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Visit to SITRI

On August 17, 2018, Expert Guozhen Zhang, frontier researcher of the Institute of Flexible Electronics Technology of THU, Zhejiang, visted the Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute (SITRI) along with Doctor Jianzhang Zheng, Doctor Honghong Susu and representatives from other departments. Chengming Zhang, manager of the production quality department, showed great hospitality to the visitors.

According to Manager Zhang, after 5 years of rapid development, SITRI has integrated R&D, engineering, marketing and incubation to provide a full range of services and solutions for innovative companies and partners. SITRI also established sub-centers in Silicon Valley, Taiwan, Hsinchu and France, and is committed to building a global innovation network.

In particular, the "More than Moore" (MtM) products created by SITRI for the Internet of Things era, following the national strategy and complying with technological trends, have fostered the cultivation of national high-tech enterprises and carried out the Internet of Things chip industry in a global layout.

In the exhibition hall of SITRI, Manager Zhang demonstrated the working principle and preparation process of silicon-based microelectronic chips, various sensor chips and some commercial products developed by them. At the present, SITRI has rich experience in “Beyond Moore” and key technologies, industry resources and industrial services in the field of Internet of Things and smart sensors.

SITRI has established cooperative relationships with partners in the fields of industry-university-research, supply chain, foundry manufacturing, design and engineering services. Meanwhile, SITRI is also committed to building a global operating network, setting up industry and academic alliances, investment funds and industry incubation, etc. SITRI hopes to form an open industrial comprehensive service platform.

Through this visit and exchanging ideas, our institute has learned a lot from the industry peers. It will create a positive influence on expanding our communication channels and developing our industry.



Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute (SITRI) is a new R&D institution jointly established by the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology and the Jiading District People's Government of Shanghai.

It was established in 2013 and is dedicated to the innovation of “Beyond Moore” technology and Internet of Things applications and industrialization. As a global collaborative innovation center, SITRI integrates R&D, engineering and incubation to provide a full range of services and solutions for innovative companies and partners. At present, SITRI has established close cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign production, learning and research organizations to achieve high-efficiency industrialization of innovation results and accelerate the “More than Moore (MtM)” technology and the ecosystem of the Internet of Things is established.

SITRI is firmly grasping the historical opportunity of the rapid development of the “Beyond Moore” micro-technology industry, giving full play to the basic advantages of Shanghai's semiconductor technology, manufacturing and integrated circuit design, deepening the collaborative innovation of industry, university and research, through the introduction of world-class R&D facilities. SITRI aims to build a world-class semiconductor innovation center by creating an efficient operation mechanism, leading the technological innovation in this field, and combining the characteristics of China's “Beyond Moore” development.