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Flexible Solar Cell wins Zhejiang Flexible Electronics Cup

Jiaxing, Sept. 28 (Zhongxin Net/Fengsheng Hu and Jingyi Sun) – The first flexible electronics competition, Zhejiang Flexible Electronics Cup, ended on September 28.

This Cup, held by the Institute of Flexible Electronics Technology of THU, Zhejiang, lasted two and a half months. The aim of the contest is to explore practical applications of future flexible electronics technology, hoping to find innovative design solutions around a specific product.

The competition is highly competitive and sparkles with a variety of designs, attracting 19 teams from all over the world, around 57 contestants came to participate.

The Cup winner goes to The Industrialization of Flexible Calcium-titanium Solar Cell and Its Devices, which is designed by an international team from Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Belarusian State University of Technology. Their winning prize is 30,000 RMB.

This product focuses on flexible perovskite solar modules. It is lightweight, bendable, and has a thickness of less than 0.5 mm for easy-carrying and installation purposes. Additionally, the production process is simple. Its photoelectric conversion efficiency is almost the same as that of polysilicon, but its cost is only 20%-40% of polysilicon, which makes it likely to solve the problem of solar energy’s “flat price”.

"Use our easy-to-carry solar battery if your phone is out of power while travelling, it even charges on a cloudy day," Project representative Wenjun Zhang said.

The flexible perovskite solar cells have broken through many applications and production limitations of ordinary solar cells. For example, it can be incident at a full angle, and it can continuously generate electricity even in the case of cloudy weather and insufficient sunlight."This design can be used in a lot of circumstances. It has a large market, and relatively mature industrial technology, " Qiang Wang, assistant to the Head of Institute of Flexible Electronics Technology of THU, Zhejiang, said.

Comparing to other solar flexible battery projects, this design stands out as it is the most innovative and feasible among all.According to the institute, other designs that performed well in the competition include Rainbow Window: Electrochromic Glass Based on Flexible Conductive Film, Industrialization and Functional Application of Graphene Functional Ink, and Children's Anti-lost System Based on Printed Electronics and RFID Technology.“This Cup provides a stage for all flexible electronics technicians to be creative and learn from each other.”“This also builds a communication platform between us and the public, which enabled more people to know more about the flexible electronics industry and assisted with the improvement of the industry, " Zhang said excitedly.

The Cup is only a beginning, not an end.

Wang Qiang said: "We hope to use this competition as a start, to gather social wisdom and creativity to support the entrepreneurial wave in the field of flexible electronics and help this industry prosper."

The excellent projects emerged from this competition will be recommended to participate in the selection of the "South Lake Talents" program of Jiaxing Science and Technology City. Successful participants will receive 1 to 3 million RMB as supporting entrepreneurial funds.