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the Institute Held the Intellectual Property ISO Standard Im

At the age of knowledge economy, intellectual property is the indispensable strategic resources to companies even counties to improve their core competitiveness,and that makes the intellectual property located in an unprecedented position.

Intellectual Property ISO Standard Implementing And Staff Training Conference were held in 19th,April to boost the Institute’s intellectual progress and guarantee our research achievements legally protected.

Haige Zhang proclaimed the start of the conference, and appointed Hnghong Su as the representative of intellectual property managers in the Institute. President Zhang said,”Intellectual property is a central and also a long term work, the Institute will completely support the Intellectual Property Department to proceed intellectual property management work, make sure that our invisible asset legally protected in the future competition.”

Honghong Su, as representative of intellectual property managers, claimed the letter of commitment, the commitment will be complied with national laws, regulations and qualification requirements, strictly complied with Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Specification. Honghong Su claimed to take responsibility of the Institute’s intellectual property management system.

After the launching ceremony, trainer from KG Intellectual Property Law Firm, Huzhou, Zhejiang, trained on intellectual property related of the members participating in the initiation ceremony. The training content include Why, What and How about ISO standard implementing.

The opening of Launching Ceremony masks the beginning of the construction of intellectual property management system in the Institute. Normalize intellectual property management work, improve the intellectual property management level, and those measures will effectually promote the innovation initiative of our research and development staff, promote the popularization and application of our achievements, and also improve the market competitiveness during the industrialization of the Institute’s scientific research.